Dec 21, 2015
R0roZor0 (All reviews)
One Piece: Adventure of Nebulandia

Story - 5/10

For a special, it has some good stories, but the reason why I rate it 5 is that this the one who wrote this special seemed to not know Devil Fruit users weakness. Rains do not effect DF users so what made this writer thought that fogs would? The pacing is average but it had a plot twist that happened very early that I didn't see it coming from the summary. Also, this special seemed to assume that the watchers don't know anything about the on going series, it annoyed me because it made me feel like I don't know anything, but anyone who did watch it for the first time, that cleared the confusion.

Art - 6/10

The art is good, but the animation is so still and honestly, does Toei even know how to make a fluid animation?

Sound - 7/10

I don't care about sounds but the OST that they made for this special was only played like 1 minute and then the rest of the OSTs were the usual ones.
Like, what's the point of making the special OST?

Characters - 9/10

I don't need to mention the main characters.

The main antagonist is a bit cliche and boring, most of his plans were childish and predictable.

And shoutout to Foxy for being the best character in this special. I originally disliked Foxy, but in this special the man redeemed himself. He was very useful, smart and funny! Watch this special if you like Foxy and even if you dislike him, try watching this special. You might change your mind on his character. Now Foxy is one of my favorite antagonists.

Enjoyment - 5/10

I didn't enjoy it at all, I felt obligated to watch it maybe due to the fact that I love One Piece, but this special made me "When will this end?" and I realize that I can only keep going on because of Foxy is there.

Oda should have been the one who wrote this, I am a little bit disappointed.

If you miss Sanji and you want to give Foxy a chance, then go ahead watch this, if you don't miss Sanji, I recommend you not to waste your time on this special. It's disappointing.

Overall 6/10

Oh by the way, they made a joke about Zoro's dick by the end of the episode. That cracked me up.