Dec 20, 2015
PyraXadon (All reviews)
Anime shorts are...kind of pointless at this point, and at this point, I swear they're getting shorter and shorter with each passing season. By the time you read this review, you might be able to see the entire run of Komori-san wa Kotowarenani, so it's really your choice on what you prefer to spent your time doing.

Story: Shuri is a girl who can't decline any request she's given to her. Follow her adventures as she doesn't decline any task she's given and goes about her daily life doing what she does best; helping people.

That's it. That's literally all it has to offer. With each episode following one page of the 4-koma manga, there's really not much to say about Komori-san because it's just a setup, a build-up, a punchline, and the conclusion.

Characters: There's Shuri, who can't decline any request. Her friends whose names escape me, and Ootani, a boy who wants to be relied on like Shuri is. They're static, plain, and not really interesting.

Art: The art is pretty standard and isn't really anything worth mentioning. Though, I will complain the fact that Shuri is just scarily disproportionate to other otherwise tiny midget friends. Like seriously, girl's tall and has some spindly limbs and watermelons on her chest while her friends are tiny midgets who get engulfed by her shadow.

Sound: There's only one track, the ending track. It's nice, but not really anything worth mentioning.

Personal Enjoyment: In the end, this was pretty much a timekiller. There's nothing too great about this show, just the fact that you'll end up using up 15 minutes of your life watching it. It's cute, I guess, but not really stellar in any way.