Dec 20, 2015
Nalexie_ (All reviews)
Don't think. Just read the manga. It's SO good.
Let me start off by saying if you don't like or are not okay with manga's that have sex, cursing, big boobs, prostitutes, psychological stuff, gangs, violence, bad-ass characters, then I wouldn't read it if I were you. This manga isn't for everyone. Moving along.

Story: 10/10 If I could describe the plot in one word it would be interesting. It's very interesting. The climax is good. You want to know more about these people and what they're all about. The story-line is unique. I don't think I've really read a manga like this before. At first I was skeptical about reading it, but you should like it IF you have an open mind. It moves kinda fast. Beware. So read it carefully or you'll end up confused.
Art: 9/10 I love the authors drawing style. It's very different and good. The main female character is drawn so beautifully. I love the fact that she has darker skin. You don't see many characters in manga's and anime's that have dark skin.
Characters: 10/10 SUPER likable. The two main guy characters are really cool. Nic is VERY interesting. I've never seen a character like him before. The main girl character isn't annoying as fuck which makes me happy. She's a strong character. Oh. And the manga leaves room for shipping. Nic x Alex