Dec 20, 2015
snapeftw (All reviews)
I don't normally write reviews, but I couldn't resist doing one after watching comet lucifer. lets get into it.

Story: Honestly, I barely even know what the story is. Here is my attempt at explaining it: his boy, Sogo, finds this girl named Felia(and its never really thoroughly explained how... she just kinda comes out of this gem) and takes her in. For some reason (also never really explained) the government wants to capture Felia. Sogo goes on adventures trying to protect Felia and help Felia adjust to this new world.

i have quite a few problems with the story of this show. First of all, I didn't even know WHY all these people were trying to capture this girl until the 10th or 11th episode, and even that didn't really explain why people were trying to capture her earlier. all i can assume is it was because of Felia's magical powers. But then again, I couldn't even really figure out her powers, because those were never really explained either. so basically, it was a bunch of fighting, and I had no idea what the point of it was.

Secondly, I felt like the story kept trying to switch genres, and I felt like none of them were done well. For the first 5 episodes, it felt like it was trying to be a slice of life for the first 10 minutes of the episode. But it wasn't good slice of life. Later there was some romance (very cliche romance). there was even a hint of ecchi in one of the episodes. it was all over the place.

characters: honestly, i disliked most of them.

Sogo: the generic "i must save everyone" guy. He didn't have much of a personality outside of being self-righteous. Not a horrendous character, but just boring.

Felia: annoying. She was the clueless character who has magical powers but never seems to use them for anything very important. Her voice was also super high pitched which was super duper annoying.

Kaon: the girl who realizes she likes the MC after the MC is chasing someone else. she didn't didn't even really have a personality.

Other characters: the creepy pedophile dude whos name I can't remember, Do Mon who was the guy who turned into a badass later but he was too much of a side character, the final bad guy who was there at the end for like and episode and a half, and who wasn't very interesting, and some other generic, lame people.

Also, there was little to no character development.

Sound: there were a few good soundtracks. The opening wasn't too bad either.

Art and animation: it was generally pretty bright. I thought some of the character designs were nice, while others were sorta lame (thinking of you Sogo). Animation was decent. better than the other parts of the show.

Final thoughts: it was bad. I had to force myself through it and nothing was well explained. Characters were pretty bad. I forgot to mention Moura who would randomly yell JAMON!!!! every 3 seconds which was annoying as hell. I only kept watching it because it was laughably bad, and i wanted to say I had lived through it. You probably shouldn't waste your time with this show.