Dec 20, 2015
Pixywing7 (All reviews)
From the Creator of Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken or I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying comes Komori-san wa Kotowarenai!

We go from a three minute run time to a two minute run time per episode. Although this change only removes twelve minutes of run time from the season it somehow meant we also lost of all of the character development and growth My Husband had and instead replaced it with repetitive jokes and the sexualization of underage girls.

Story: We have the main character Komori who is always willing to help. Although we don't see any problems from her always helping people; this is okay as this is a short series and tries to display the positives of helping people rather than the negatives which again works with this coming off as a comedy.

The story follows Komori as she encounters the daily troubles of school life with her two friends Megumi and Masako.

Thus as a comedy and short series this will result in weaker underdeveloped characters although this may come as a bad thing it makes way for more jokes, but characters should still relevant and understood.

Characters: We have a cast of four characters Komori, Megumi, Masako, and Kurou who gets introduced later.

Megumi: Is a self-conscious girl with regards to her bust size that is somewhat anti-social, but has Komori as a dependable friend to rely upon.

Masako: Comes off as virtually a carbon copy of Megumi as displaying many of the same character traits. She serves to give the story a third female character to make jokes with and serves to make the relationship between Komori and Kurou less awkward had she not existed. As this would have made Megumi seem like a third wheel and mostly would have turned into a background character as the series progressed. She also serves to help keep the comedy on point and try to eliminate the third wheel feeling Megumi would have been experiencing.

Although this character comes off as very shallow after some thought we can see why this character is in the story and what purpose she does to keep the plot moving forward. Although I will not take away points as she serves a purpose I as well can't award points for the redundancy she adds to many scenes.

Kurou: is a young boy who is interested in Komori and is again another anti-social person. He is the most developed character in this series despite not being introduced till midway in the series. Through talking with Komori he is able to become more social by interacting with his classmates and helping them out as well.

Kurou helps symbolize the importance of helping people and how by doing so you are able to connect with people and thus become more social and thus get more out of school and life in general. This is the theme of the show and was interesting how a secondary character was able to display which was rather interesting.

Animation/Sound: I lumped these together as there is little to talk about them in such a short series. Cinematography wise nothing done in this regard. The animation style was very relaxed and simple which is common in short series and some comedy although we see less and less of this now.

The 30 second ending was really unfortunate for this series as it ate up 1/4 of the run time of each episode and thus came off as a way to save on the budget as well many of the scenes featured little to no movement.

The sound was well below average as the soundtrack did not exist for many scenes and was nearly absent in the many that it did take place in.

As sound is far less important in comedy as it does not have to set-up powerful dramatic scenes it is thus weighted far less into the total score to help compensate for its decreased importance in this show and genre.

Enjoyment: I unfortunately did not enjoy one episode I saw of this show. The main reason I first picked up this show was the original creator. The episodes felt flat with repetitive jokes seen in many series such as bust jokes. We also see jokes this short series made repeated in later episodes. Coupled with the continued sexualization of underage girls with jokes, questionable camera angles and swimsuits I found it hard to watch let alone enjoy this series.

Story: 1
Art: 2
Sound: 2*
Characters: 1
Enjoyment: 1
Overall: 1

*Weighted differently please see Sound section for reasoning