Nov 16, 2009
lera (All reviews)
We have a crown prince born out of wedlock, a mysterious bard, a shunned tribe of people, and power-hungry government officials pulling the strings from the shadows. Put it all together, and what do we get? One amazing manga!

STORY (10)
The story takes you back to a time and place where corrupt nobles take advantage of the fact that the king of the country is sick and unable to rule well. Enter Belca, (the crown prince born out of wedlock) an outcast who wants nothing to do with royalty. With his brother, Orcelito (legitimiate crown prince), Belca accidentally uncovers one of the nobles' well kept secrets. When the brothers try to escape, Belca and Orcelito get separated; Orcelito is left at the mercy of the nobles while Belca is rescued by a stranger. Thus begin Belca's adventures!
This manga has a little bit of everything: theres a dash of cross-dressing, a hint of shounen-ai, a pinch of romance, a dark and twisted plot and LOTS of comical scenes.

ART (10)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this art. It looks so clean and simple, yet when you look closely, there are all these amazing details. . .
Additionally, its not so easy to draw. My friend and I have both attempted to draw Eco, one of the characters, and it took us forever to come up with a (barely) decent imitation. Mind you, we both got over 90's in art class.

The characters are really amazing too. Everyone has a distinct personality. There's Prince Orcelot, who's adorable and optimistic, but has no idea of how evil people can be. There's prince Belca who doesnt realize his own value, feels like an outsider in his own home, yet does everything he can for those who are loyal to him. He is open to new ideas and has shown considerable growth in just 2 volumes. And there's Eco (my personal favorite) who's funny and quirky, but extremly devious and clever.
You feel like you know these characters as you read the manga (well, at least I did).

I enjoyed this. A lot. You will too. Definitely. As long as you give it a try. Its not some boring history textbook. It focuses on characters and their relations to history. As you read, you wonder "how will this character react?" or "what will happen to this person?" and the characters never fail to surprise you.

+C: Sword and Cornett is (according to MyAnimeList's definition of a "10") outstanding. If you're looking for something to read, or even if you're not, I suggest you give it a try. See for yourself, you wont be disappointed~