Dec 19, 2015
JkayW (All reviews)
"If god exists why did he allow this to be?"

When it comes to making money for an anime company there is always a quick sure-fire way to make it. And no this isn't one of those add scams you've seen on your browser window. It's by making a harem! Use some cookie cutter character archetypes and a half baked story and fan-boys will start to defend it as really good and original. They will use excuses such as "It's a harem. It's not meant for plot."

But I'm here to tell you why me and so many other people hate Asterisk War so much.

Note: I'll try and keep it short as possible.

Meet no one cares. He enters a special school for special kids with laser swords. Special you ask? Well there was this event in history when the world was changed FOREVER! With science and technology advancing along with humans getting super powers. None of the characters talk about this plot point despite it being such a unforgettable piece of history. This is all the "world building" your getting. The powers aren't explained at all or mentioned either. More or less used as a gimmick so the characters can do cool moves in fight scenes. As you can tell by now this your typical sci-fi high school harem action series you see each season with some minor tweaks.

Ayato the main character is your typical harem protagonist with his coloured scruffy hair, sharp eyes and a narrow face. A typical nice guy that attracts all the girls and is super powerful, so that the average male viewer watching can project themselves onto him so that they can live out their day-dream. He is boring, dull, expressionless, unimaginative character, that could be replaced with a stick. Because in all honesty a stick would have more of a personality then this pile of shit. It makes me sad that the anime industry always seems to get away with a main character that has less personality than a piece of paper. Ayato also gets flustered around girls, with the girls even offering him to "stay the night" You'd think he'd grow some fucking balls and stay. But he makes viewers ask the question, Is Ayato indeed a homosexual? They attempted to give Ayato a back-story with a motive of avenging his sister but he forgot about it throughout the 12 episodes. The rest of the cast of girls consist of blonde haired big boobed school-council-president, deadpan loli, my cheeks are always red and tsundere.

Three out of the four girls get one episode screen time to explain why they went to this school. They're so unique in the worst way possible it makes me wonder if the writers are just fucking with me at this point. The loli is literally a sponsorship commercial for her dad to advertise his guns but she hardly even does that throughout the course of the show. The "my cheeks are always red" girl puts up with her uncle beating her so she can free her dad from prison. What?!?! Finally the tsundere that is obsessed with her handkerchief because its a token of the time she spent in an orphanage that she kind of grew up in. So she needs to pay the orphanage so it doesn't close down. To make the money, she attends this school despite her being a princess. Why would A PRINCESS OF ALL PEOPLE NEED MONEY? Oh my JEHSUS!! It's this type of lazy crap that makes me cringe. The tsundere even gets held by jesus-kun for an entire episode while he is fighting robots just to show you that Asterisk War isn't afraid of objectifying women. And to also show Ayato is sooo edgggyyy. All of these characters don't have anything going for them in terms of a personality and are literal walking cliches with no depth whatsoever. All the side girls get no screen time except for the tsundere and when they do its only to show tasteless fan service. If your going to do fan service do it right not just make the entire would conspire to make the main character ACCIDENTLY walk into the two girls changing naked, just so the audience can masturbate. Along with yuri incest vampires and mechas. These new meaningless characters add to the garbage that was suppose to be surprising but come of as stupid.

Half of Asterisk War consists of the students training and preparing for an event were the students fight each-other to see who is the best. The fights are really predictable since jesus-kun has the best light-sabre and has a "hidden power." His hidden power is literally a still frame of him with chains wrapped around him "unleashing" his power, just so he can be the best special snowflake in the world.

The fights scenes were terribly directed with the director obviously trying to use as many camera angles as possible which gave me a huge headache and unexplained spells and abilities.

The art and sound is probably the strongest point of the show. The animation when there isn't fighting is solid but the colour pallet used seems limited as there seems to be only really bright colours and there are no dark unsettling ones. The sound in this show was directed by Satoshi Motoyama who has been the sound director for such classics are Oregairu and Little busters which proved that the sound is this show is no exception from being pretty good. Most of the tracks follow a techno format that really interested me same with the ed titled "Waiting for the Rain." It's just a shame that this OST & ED were used in an anime that didn't deserve it.

In conclusion why do I hate Asterisk War? It has horrible characters that just fit normal stereotypes in anime, half baked story, it adds yuri incest vampires and mechs to entertain you in-between snoozes. Riddled with cliches and really bad fan services moments were the girls literally RUB THEIR BOOBS ON HIM IN THE LAST EPISODE! I wouldn't be wrong to say this is the embodiment of ever bad sci fi Harem. No world mechanics, technology, Genestella or culture explained any further or deeper than we were previously given. This anime obviously was set up to be a plot based show but decides to cram cliches and fan service that restricted it from being a good show. Please for the love of JEBUS don't support these shows. We will always have another shitty LN adaptation making something cheap, generic, and as lame as merely trying to please a specific demographic and nothing more. It's made to squeeze the little money out of you. It just felt like a giant cliche.

A harem doesn't RESTRICT you in having a good story and characters. Furthermore doesn't give you an excuse to have bad fan service and overused bad cliches.