Jan 20, 2008
Zealous (All reviews)
Story: Although I thoroughly enjoyed Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Destiny was not what I had hoped all together. My only objections were that the ending seemed VERY rushed and everything happened way too quickly in the last episode. And the ending is a really critical part of any anime, so it's important to really take care with it. I don't feel it was done as well as it's prequel. However the remainder of the story was great. I was very happy with some of the small plot twists that once again separated the character's beliefs and made them have to realize what they are really trying to fight for. I was really excited when select characters decided they needed to join the action on the battle fields once again if they wanted to see an end to the war. One thing I did notice though, there were a few plot repeats, just in different scenarios. However, don't let that make you not want to watch because there are plenty of other great plot points.

Art: The art of Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny has always been fantastic. The character designs are still my all time favourite. I love the design of the eyes and the hair styles. Clothes are also something I thought looked awesome. And of course, the Gundams look spectacular. Even better looking Gundams in Gundam Seed Destiny. Not much else to say here.

Sound: A similar set of sounds and music from Gundam Seed, but there were a few opening songs I didn't like very much. I felt that in Gundam Seed the openings were very fitting to the mood of the anime in its current episode, but I can't say the same for Gundam Seed Destiny. Especially for the last set of episodes. However, some of the ending songs were amazing and I really liked them a lot. I thought they were very fitting, just like Gundam Seed did once before. Somehow the ending just always fits in with what's going on in the end.

Character: I was happy to see certain characters return, and then be even further developed. And then to add new characters on top of that. However I don't think they did as good a job in Gundam Seed Destiny in defining the newer character's beliefs and motives. But for the most part, I was very happy with the cast. Not much else here.

Enjoyment: I enjoyed Gundam Seed Destiny all the way until the ending, as I said I felt it was rushed. (This is excluding the remake of the last episode). I loved every minute of it as I did Gundam Seed. Sadly that's all I have to compare it to. I had hoped Gundam Seed Destiny would have been better, and maybe a bit longer. But I was happy with most of everything.

Overall: Overall I thought Gundam Seed Destiny was a great addition to the Cosmic Era of Gundam. As you can see, I marked a 9 for most categories. I was very happy that I could enjoy yet another fantastic 50 episodes of the characters I grew so fond of in Gundam Seed. The battle scenes were great, as always, and I really enjoyed seeing certain characters come back to the action. It's a great anime nevertheless and I wish that everyone enjoy it as much, or greater, than I.