Dec 19, 2015
AhiruArima (All reviews)
This was a really good anime. It's not something for people above the age of 15 to watch. You will definitely find it very childish. I would recommend it to anyone below the age of 13. It's mostly aimed for a much younger audience. It's definitely not boring. It is such an amazing anime for small kids. I watched it when I was around 12 years old and I loved it! The story was really good. It mostly revolves around Dit who is the main character. Later the story mostly revolves around Moreen. Most of you might know Dit from the 1st season. However the other characters are all new. Most of the people who have seen the first season might miss the older characters but you will definitely love the news ones. For me, the new ones are better. The characters were well designed. The opening theme was awesome (I prefer it without the vocals). I really enjoyed the show. It's a great series to watch if you love battles jut like the ones in Pokemon. And finally I have to say that this is an interesting anime to watch.