Dec 17, 2015
QuentinHahn (All reviews)
I looked at the other reviews and was surprised at some peoples perspectives, and then in agreement with others. So allow me to shove my bias opinion down your throat.
First off, this show is bad, like really bad. A lack of interesting characters, a simplistic story which jumps all over the place and lacks an over-arching story/goal, cookie cutter characters who face “wavering” in their ideals yet never show any character development as result, boring art style; all in all it makes for a boring and uninteresting show. If you can complement this show on anything it would be the music. While not amazing it is nothing to scoff at; from the above average intro sequence which was nicely choreographed and pleasing to the eye, to the multitude of either upbeat and fun fighting or atmospheric music.
Enjoyment: 3
To put it simply, I did not enjoy this show at all. I watched the first episode and for the time assigned a 5 to the show seeing as how it was ok I didn’t know where it would go from there. I wasn’t excited or disappointed with what was given to me. I proceeded to pick the show up again 3 weeks and 3 episodes later. Watching episode 2 and 3 I gained new hope for the show. As my grade on MAL was supposed to raise to a 6. I am used to harems so I thought that the show would follow the usual harem route. Oh boy was I wrong though. Soon after considering raising the grade, the show dropped to a new level as did my interest. I realized that the show was trying so hard to come off as edgy, but it just wasn’t. Eventually I found myself barely managing to get through each individual episode.
Characters: 4
Usually after watching a show I usually have a best girl, however there wasn’t really any character I really rooted for in the stupidly shallow harem Youtarou was building. Out of the many characters the only ones that I felt were above average, and slightly interesting were Yoriko the maid and Shirohime the horse (I found the damn horse more interesting than most of the other character, and she can only yell her annoying puryuu. I both hated and loved the character)
Character Development: 3
The only reason I didn’t give this a 1 was due to the ending monologue given by our main heroin Makio, she actually does grow as a human by the end of the show. If only she could have made such growth without the need of our all-powerful main protagonist. I understand that the show wants to pose as a romance but does she really have to have character development thanks solely to Youtarou’s actions. I was disappointed with all of the characters to say the least
Plot: 3
Wait, your telling me there was an actually reason behind all the fighting, because if there was one I didn’t notice it. Aside from acquiring more girls, protecting said girls, there is no plot development worthy of notice.
Pacing: 3
Only reason why this section actually gets points is because it at least has a conclusion (if you can call it that). Everything is terribly jumbled up in that the fights are not well directed and quickly lose my interest, especially seeing as its hard enough to actually keep my interest when the characters keep breaking out into boring conversations mid fight in order to advance the plot.
Art: 6
The art was average, in other words it gets a 5/10. Normally that would be the case however, I am raising it up by one point due to the very nice intro cinematography.
Music: 7
Music wasn’t bad, nothing to write home about, but still nice.
Total: 41/100