Dec 17, 2015
Alfian_Kachau (All reviews)
This is my first review, I hope you can understand because i can't speak english very well.

Story : 8/10
The story is basically a typical high school shounen with sci-fi elements mixed in ( he become a ring king in another world).The story is very straight forward. The main character meet the heroine in the past as childhood friend.After having an accident he come to another world. And the real story just begun.

Art : 7/10
The fights are very well drawed and most of the time everything is bright and nice, giving a good feeling to your eyes and .But in some pages the quality come down.

Character : 7/10
It's a generic harem, and I really like how the characters are presented. Simply said all the main characters are badass in their own way. Maybe it's because they are so simple that I like them.

Enjoyment : 8/10
I really love this type of anime where the story is focused around the couple a lot,harem strory with happy ending and mix with accidental , but the couple is still focused around the story.

Overall : 8/10
I really enjoyed this manga besides monster musume (recomended)