Dec 16, 2015
Digiswag (All reviews)
If you like Digimon Adventure 01 and 02, this is not for you. It spends a large amount of time doing absolutely nothing. The first episode has maybe 5 minutes of plot, at most, and it continues along this plodding pace for most of the movie. Even the action seems slow.

This is apparent in the characters as well, where it builds artificial tension by portraying Tai as having PTSD without actually explaining why other than still shots of destroyed buildings. I think I know what they were trying to go for, but they executed this TERRIBLY.

This laziness in storytelling carries over into the art and animation, where half of the shots are still frames, or still frames with just the main characters running. It looks like they ran out of the animation budget 5 minutes into the movie. Speaking of which, the animation of the fights are...adequate. But they skip vital animations including some of the digivolutions (the most badass ones that we ACTUALLY WANT TO SEE).

The sound was mostly okay, until the climactic battle. The score ANNIHILATED any tension in the scene, deciding to play a victorious melody throughout the entire fight. Rather than feeding the conflict, it belies the intensity.

Even if this is meant to be an introductory movie, it was lackluster at the best of times, and unwatchable at worst.