Nov 14, 2009
Neji (All reviews)
Well my first review, so bare with me. I decided to write this review because all of the other reviews for this series are positive ones, but this is really a mediocre show at least it turned out to be. This review is for people who have not seen it yet and are thinking giving it a chance.

This is a pathetic show, with very minimal enjoyment and even less value. It started pretty good. It was a tail of adventure of Guin, a mysterious warrior and his search for his identity (yes, amnesia). The first part of the series is the presentation of the characters and settings and this part is the only decent side of the series. You get to know this "middle ages" type world with countries at war, with magic and science. The characters are weak and uninteresting mostly, but Guin is decent. He is very cold and wise, so you do want to know more about him. His fighting skills are great too, so is his leadership and that's what the creators should have gone for. But they didn't and soon we all get a new main character and that's when the series tanks. The name of this freaking show is "Guin Saga" not "Aldo Naris Saga", but Guin is limited to 20 second fights against mediocre assassins for the past 10 episodes or so. The series dose not have a direction. The creators started many plots and subplots but had no clue where to go, so the series soon turns out into a train wreck. After some time you stop caring anymore. The amount of holes in the story is staggering and I was getting a feeling that the creators were thinking that only complete idiots will be watching this show, so they didn't hold back. I can honestly go on and on about problems of this series, but I will just say this. After 26 episodes I didn't have a clue who is the villain of this series. There were several candidates but I didn't care anyway, even worse I didn't even care for our heroes. The only reason I completed this series is to understand what in the hell the creators were thinking. The stupidity of this show will not allow any emotion other then anger to flourish.

To Recap. This is a really bad show and you will waste your time if you watch it. It keeps you in hope that soon it will get better, one more episode and it will turn out good, but it never does and even worse it keeps getting worse. The bastards that created this series kept this trend even at the last episode, but this time it is "one more season and it will get better". WTF? They say that anime industry is very competitive and only the most talented people will ever make it there, so I would really like to meet "talented" people behind this "masterpiece".