Dec 13, 2015
Wasshio (All reviews)
I just thought a question towards this show. Why did this got a sequel, when the first season was the utter definition of reverse harem done wrong on so many levels, with almost no redeeming quality to it or any rewatching value, or, the amount of budget or sales this get? It's like there are shows that deserve a sequel (example Spice and Wolf and Panty and Stocking), and there and others that do not deserve it for a lot of reason (Example Infinite Stratos and Tokyo Ghoul, even Maken-ki!). This, right here in front of your eyes and body, is the definition of an anime series that should have never existed at all. It literally deserves a lot of credit and wish to not exist because there's nothing going forward to it regardless of the things it delivered, or to continue, that's what I am going to say. Yes, if you want to know, I love reverse harems to a degree, I love them a lot to an extension, however this show is cringey as fuck and it's ebola fest. Even as a girl, I just quickly see no reason for this show to be made in the first place and/or have a sequel, there's literally many reasons to it, and its the same problem with season 1, but worse. I mean literally I never had a hatred so big this season, than this awfully done sequel worse than Tokyo Ghoul Root A.

Overall Start and Story:

Basically going to the simple terms without explaining about the story, the show is basically just as bad as the first season, however its just your cringey as fuck logic that they attempted to add, and then the same old same old "Oh let me suck your blood" idea. Not that I have anything against this, but in this type of series, it's just awful and so unappealing and pathetic as fuck. The dialogue as always is so untolerable, usually making me feel like my cells are burning to death. I mean I have seen bad shows this season, but nothing tops this one show. Yes, Diabolik Lovers More Blood wins for the most cringey as fuck dialogue in this season, probably of the year. Also the fact that the romance of this is just so awful done and presented, forced, and just cringey, just really a matter of trying too much that it causes my eyes bleed out of hatred for this. Not to mention that if you want something with a story, you're not going to find anything in here. In this case onward Diabolik Lovers is just a show only worth for the pleasing of the sexy husbando choosing, and that's probably the only purpose this anime has to deliver. Literally I will say that much as a credit. At least that would be a bonus for the anime for going across, and that's not even a nice accomplishment.


As for the characters, I will personally say this. I hate all of them. Yes, even the male characters and the female protagonist, as I said on the previous statement, the show only pleases the audience by simply having vampire men that will please the females (even though I am a female, but the way they do it is just no) with their sexy abs and their personalities, then again, these guys are just cringe worthy towards my own soul that it even disgusts me why I have to even bother watching them doing this type of shit, on and I'm not against this, but the way they presented it was so messed up that it makes me wanna go and hit the fan a lot of the times. As for the female protagonist? Once again I will say it since the last time I talked about this show, the female protagonist is only used for the sake of seeing the male leads sucking their blood, which in my personal opinion I find it disturbing and unappealing. I will say that at least because season 1 was the same thing as always. She does nothing but to serve that purpose. Only to serve to the male protagonist with her blood. That's it. The only thing I can remember from all of them would be their different designs, that's the only thing I can remember from them and nothing more.


The only thing I could praise from the show and giving some points would be the Artstyle since I love the texture they took and the color like season 1. Usually the artstyle goes for my personal taste with that base of color, however for the animation? It's just inconsistent, and also very terrible in very different ways. I will say that at least, so at least that department gets some points at least, not even an accomplishment to my eyes.


For the Opening song I will say I did liked it a little bit, some points here because that's the second nice thing about the show. The visuals for it seems very fitting with the music and it doesn't look just as bad as the actual show. Overall the Opening is nothing new but I guess it was nice to listen to. That and the fact that I enjoyed that more than the show.

As for the sound, nothing special in particular as the usual. It just goes into the generic and unmemorable soundtrack and a few that are just unbareable. Just saying the least here. Sound department? Not saying much either over here.

Characters voicing was pretty average at best, not like I wouldn't care but they at least put some sort of effort into it at least. That's another point here at least.

Overall Opinion about Diabolik Lovers More Blood:

This show is classified as one of the few potential worst shows or even worst harems I have ever seen in my entire experience in the anime community at the moment. Not only I ask why it got a second season. I'm mainly asking why this show had to exist in the fucking first place. The only purpose for this anime is nothing more but for the self indulgence and also the pandering of the female audience for them to get a dose of their husbandos, with a cringe worthy story, bland but sexy male cast, a useless female protagonist, generic and unmemorable music except for the Opening, and average art. I personally will say this right now, I personally now think that the reverse harems like these are far worse than the normal or average ecchi/harems shows. I really will say that and that's quite a bonus for the whole ecchi harem genre shows (except for a very few I've seen that they're on the same level as this, but majority wins).

If you want to have a series just for sexy husbandos and pandering, go for this one actually, other than that, don't you dare go towards this abysmal of an anime I call "Cancer Lovers".