Dec 12, 2015
Nalexie_ (All reviews)
Where to start, where to start. Okay.

Let's start with the OH SO original plot. You have this young boy who just wants to get stronger so he can become some kind of hero of justice and save humanity basically. And of course he's affiliated with a group who has similar goals and views as him. This anime reminds me of Attack On Titan. Tatsumi is your typical anime boy.

This anime had potential to be so good. I love anime's with gore and fighting and badass female characters. It had that. Speaking of characters, there's like no development of the characters. Do you want to know why? BECAUSE THEY KILL THEM OFF BEFORE THEY EVEN DEVELOPMENT. They're just like "Oh, here's a new character who has a lot of potential and is well liked" SIKE. And they're gone. Can we just brush upon the fact that there's a useless couple in the anime? You know who I'm talking about. We can keep a couple together, but we can't keep some people alive. Okay. I'm okay with characters dying, just don't let it be some bullshit death. Like did that death even contribute to the plot? No.

The art is nothing special. Mediocre at best. The fight scenes were good though. I am not telling people not to watch the anime, because you might enjoy it. Just be very open-minded. Oh yeah, the dub is decent and the sub is good. Happy hunting.
ONE MORE THING. One thing that really bothered me. How the hell did Tatsumi start killing people so quickly? He got over his friends deaths a little too quickly. He went Freddy Krueger on people a little too quick. The plot went from 0 to 100 in an instant. "Hey Tatsumi. Your friends just got slaughtered. You ready to kill some people?" "Hell yeah dude." Tired of plots like that.
That is all.