Dec 12, 2015
Wasshio (All reviews)
To me when it comes to a sequel, at the time the show makes or breaks the show. To be precise what I mean, a prequel series may need something to redeem itself to become at least something for the liking of others, however when a show breaks, it becomes something not a worth while. To keep in mind also this review is coming from a person that actually didn't liked the first season, and due to some certain personal stuff going around with someone else regarding on this show, I gave this another chance in order to regain the show as a whole. But well, unfortunately, this is where I say it just worsens in a way.

Coming to the sequel of the Testament series, expecting to be expected, to see the runtime of the show being 10 episodes, I personally felt like the runtime was not enough to hold onto its quality of the show, even if the first season is bad. To say the least the runtime didn't hold onto the quality of the show, in fact, it worsens throughout the episodes, because of course, due to the runtime, it doesn't give too much explanations to its characters and neither does the world. In all honesty the story just becomes as a pile of mess of puzzle pieces where you can't even know what to even understand it from. It's a total definition of a train wreck where you basically only see an ecchi with a story. In all honestly I just think the show needed more to an extension to explain somethings out, even the final was at least satisfying, it was not nice at all in my personal opinion. The pacing in itself is also horrible, as I said, it felt very fast and the most things I see in this anime series would be basically more boobs and asses than before. Because of course season 1 had it, but it also had somethings that kept to my interest in a way to have a spark that it can turn out to be better. To be honest I just don't get it, for me personally the show is a mixture of a story telling and soft core porn in a nutshell. It's basically that, it's soft core hentai series, where you just basically go and have a fap fap fap moment. The first season was basically bad, but it had some moments where it actually made me interested, but the second season just completely butchers what it could actually offer, and instead we get a big messed up knot.

As for the characters, I really can't say much do I? They're just your stereotypical bland characters in my eyes. Yes they can be fun, I can see why people like them a lot, however these characters are extremely bland and they barely get any development. The new girls getting introduced just become as useless to my eyes, of course that's just how I look at things towards the anime series. One thing's for sure, these characters are just cookie cutters but enjoyable depending on your taste on archetypes or if you want a mix of girls with big boobs and small boobs, tsunderes or anything. The only thing these girls are used are on the level of ecchi in a new level. I mean, hell, if you don't get what I mean, go check for yourself what I mean by the new level.

One question to keep in mind is if I like even one or so characters if they are bland. Well, yeah I do. I like Nonaka Kurumi which she's in my personal eye adorable and I also like Maria. Basara? Yeah in a way I do. It's not saying much.

In the overall way the characters are just bland, but can be enjoyable depending on your taste on girls and archetypes. Think about it and keep that in mind.

Now for the art and animation? Let's be honest, the art is standard and decent enough, not much of a redeeming factor into the show but it still kept its budget in a way, somehow. Character designs still being the same with only a few ones being nice and at least adorable. And yes, I said adorable, don't ask me. Now for the animation, is nice and alright also, although the potential of the animation was wasted if you get what I mean from that factor.

Music, for the original soundtrack that just goes for my personal point. I like the soundtrack however for me it's not memorable or the slightest listened out of the anime series, that just depends for me technically. Sound department can be describe as... well, good in a way. I will just say that, if you watched the prequel and the sequel by the time you read this review, you would get my point why I'm saying this for.

For the Opening and Ending of the second season, I personally prefer the Ending song more than the Opening song, and here is the reason why I'm saying this for. The Opening song depending on the taste of others, in my opinion it was actually catchy but soon afterwards it just became boring. The other one can be considered decently done and I still like to listen to it. Overall I think you would have an idea of which Opening I prefer in the overall series, and yes its Opening 1. I find that more memorable and catchy, and composition being well done.

Overall Veredict over the show:

Enjoyment: I guess to say I have mix feelings with the show when it comes to my personal enjoyment. I will be honest, I personally enjoyed some parts of it and at the same time I did not. I think ecchi is a hit or miss for me because yes, I like ecchi towards an extension

Out of My Enjoyment: The show in my personal opinion would be considered as a train wreck and a lost of opportunity to become something more to offer on the table, rather than having a small runtime and wasting the potential it actually had to become something worth while or having the same quality of the previous season to stand up in a way. It epically went to a thirsty series where its just a waste and when people complain about other ecchi series, I really want to ask which are the more wasteful and worse than the others. Because trust me I have seen the many and there are others way better than this even with its cliche stuff.

I'm not saying this is the worst I have ever seen, but its just wasteful. Unless you just want to have a pass along series just for the sake of either your self indulgence or just you want to see something to get towards dose of fap material.

My suggestion:
If you have seen the first season, and want to watch the second season, this all depends on you.

- If you want to watch the second season just for ecchi instead of the story, then go for it. You might find something to your liking

- If you want to watch the second season but you're having a mindset that it will get better, I think you need to watch something else. This show has nothing to go forward towards when it comes to the story.

-If you have not seen the franchise, if you want just to have a fun time for yourself or just to have some sort of nice ecchi series, you can watch this.

-If you have not seen the franchise but you want a story worth while, then you're going to waste 22 episodes of it if you happen to go onto this instead of watching something more decently.