Dec 11, 2015
shast007 (All reviews)

before i watch this digimon movie, i re watch several episode of digimon adventures because its been a year since i last watch a digimon, well digimon is my good childhood memories cause every morning i waiting for this anime.


its been 15 years ( i think ) since the last episode of digimon adventures 01/02, although the story is same from digimon adventure 2, but its incomplete or lack of explanation, yah i know its movie and it will give more explanation on future episode thats why i putting it on this review, i gonna put a score as 7/10 for now cause i enjoy it even in few minutes.


15 years later, character appearance develop, but even they introduce the character in opening, i cant even find them as mature than other character, i mean mobs/extra character is same appearance on main character. Example of joe, i didn't even know that`s joe cause i cant see her character more advance than mob characters.
digimon art:
same as digimon adventures, good and more advance now. Plus the digivolution is more original.



after hearing the opening, i can feel the old digimon after several years,
"Butter-Fly" by Kouji Wada 9/10
"I wish" by AiM 9/10
brave heart 9/10

i expecting horie, yui will sing the ending song cause they have similar voice of maeda, ai

character voice
i can only find interested on voice of yamato and taichi, hosoya, yoshimasa and hanae, natsuki, then takahiro, sakurai play as tentamon even on digimon adventure.



4 parts of movie i enjoy all of them, even thought the story is lack of explanation i just ignore that part and watch this anime until the end.
opening song, digivolution ( include the song brave heart ), ending song, bring back good memories. 8/10

overall 8/10 - i looking forward on sequel