Dec 10, 2015
Pdev0797 (All reviews)
This anime is a disappointment.I'm a big fan of the manga and was thoroughly saddened by this poor adaption.

It starts out well enough but slowly deteriorates into a pile of anime cliches, poor comedy, and agonizing slowness.

While the anime stuck to the basic plot, it changed many important scenes from the manga.Serious scenes were made into cheap comedy, comedy scenes were cut out, and they added a few tiny details which completely neutralized the effect of important character development scenes.Then, the pace was reduced to that of a snail and every scene was elongated more than necessary.

The character development that was supposed to happen wasn't covered properly, and the few changes that happened were cancelled out immediately by inserting useless comedy.

The Art is the only thing good about the anime.Fantastic.

Overall, While it did have a good start, it progressed down into boredom.The general storyline is pretty good though, and it's funny despite the useless extra scenes.It had potential, but ended up wasting away.