Dec 9, 2015
MagicalMahou (All reviews)
As far as one episode OVAs go, which are supposed to be shorter and somewhat lighter than the usual which make for easy watches, this one was hard to sit through. Granted, there was nothing inherently bad about it--... Okay, maybe there was-- but there wasn't anything that stood out. Put simply, it's a steaming pile of self-insert mediocrity.

This is Baby Princess 3D Paradise 0.

--Story (3/10)--
The story starts off with a boy named Youtarou who, unsurprisingly, is as plain as you can get from an ecchi anime protagonist. He lives with his 19 (Yes, nineteen) sisters and is the only boy in the family. Yep, every man's dream come true portrayed in an anime. This is self-insert, people. Get used to it.
One day, after all the two second introductions are over, their nameless mother, like all harem mothers, comes in and tells everyone they're going on a trip to a, wait for it, HOT SPRINGS RESORT. Oh joy!
I'm going to stop here because spoilers but all in all, it's just one perverted mundane situation after another. The cast of females range from either your adult-like onee-chan, monotone faced imouto, gang of tsunderes and army of lolis.All in all, not much to say since nothing of significance happens other than overly dumb situations and the like. Maybe some parts were funny but that's just it. Some funny two seconds with an overly draggy and mundane 30 minutes.

--Characters (4/10)--
Again, our main character, Youtarou, is excessively plain. No redeeming qualities, no quirks, not even ability. Sure, his swimming technique is off the chart but that was more of a supernatural ability than a talent. (He could try out for a world record if he can withstand the current of a river near a waterfall). As for the girls, they're simply archetypes. Not that there's anything bad about archetypes but when nothing is done about them, nothing happens. Overall, a mediocre female cast. I can't break them down easily since they're simply overly similar to one another and literally have the same goal, that is, getting in onii-chan's pants. They're not even that fun as a whole to be honest. There's no interaction, no charisma and, disappointingly, no sense of individuality. It's as though these girls are hive-minded aliens that answer only to the mothership (Quite literally, too).
So, plain protagonist, stereotypical cast, equals... not very good.
Okay, fine it's a short. I get it. It's 30 minutes long. But if I can't even sit through just that long of seeing these characters' 'interaction', then Houston, we have a problem.

--Art and Sound (4/10)--
The art was above average. Granted the female cast was very boring, their design was something to commend. On paper, these characters looked and felt like individual people, like real siblings that had different mindsets. If only it was as I expected but still, these girls were cute so that's a plus on the design.
Animation was iffy, since it wonked a few times, the occasional derp was there and the 3D was off-putting. Granted, there were some good movements here and there which was above average.
In terms of sound, both the OP and ED sound horrendously generic and there really wasn't a lot of soundtrack to listen to. Voice acting was top notch but lacked a sense of individuality.

--Enjoyment (4/10)--
A steaming pile of MEH. Nothing caught my attention, nothing left an impression, nothing made me want to see it again. Overall, Baby Princess 3D Paradise 0 is a short OVA that adds more meaning to the word 'MEH'.
If you want to watch a neat short story, turn to Saekano Episode 0.
If you want a good short story, turn to Garden of Words.
If you want a great short story, turn to Kowarekake no Orgel.
If you want a masterfully crafted short story, turn to Tsumiki no Ie.

If you want a short story that bathes in its shit like the rest of the schlock, this one is for you.