Jan 19, 2008
MichelleKay (All reviews)
Prince of Tennis, in my opinion, is like .. superpower tennis. Not in a bad way, but that's what makes this show enjoyable. Ryoma is your typical tennis prodigy who overcomes players more skilled then he is. Story overall was good, with some bumps and twists along the way. The episodes that contain side-stories and stories where the characters are chibis are hilarious. Best I thought was bowling and Snow White.

Art was good, though when in tennis matches, you'll notice repetitions such as their special techniques and missing the ball. That's okay, unless you don't like the moves. The good thing is the art's pretty consistent. I'll give my opinion that the English dub mixed with the animation is such a pain to watch.

Sound? Yeah, it gets a thumbs up. Music is good too, especially Wonderful Days, where it's sung by some of the characters. Dream Believer, love that song!

Characters, haha there's A LOT. I'm not talking 20, there's got to be somewhere around 50 or more. Plus they're pretty all unique. Well, except some players that use their wit. They just look different. You'll love some, you'll hate some, that's a possibility. Sometimes it's hard to believe they're only in middle school. Shocking right?

Enjoyment, I enjoyed it. The show is really funny. I mostly remember it being funny just because of Inui. Him and his special drinks.

Overall, the show gives a lot. Maybe not romantically, though you get Sakuno crushing on Ryoma, who, of course, doesn't notice. If you want to get a good laugh, watch the special episodes that don't really correspond to the storyline. So stop reading and GO WATCH!