Dec 5, 2015
Alanmario (All reviews)
Seikoku no Dragonar or Dragonar Acadmey in English, is a story about a young man named Ash Blake whose dragon takes the form of a petite, pink-haired girl with a feisty attitude. Not only is that his start to a harem, but is also the start of his journey to become the hero of his kingdom.

(At the time of this review, the manga is still being published with about 7 issues released. I myself have read up to issue 6.)
Overall I give this manga a score of 8. Here's why:

Story: 7
The story so far looks promising. Our protagonist, Ash, is at the bottom of the school and is labeled as a problem child until his dragon, Eco, is born. The story is filled with action, comedy and a bit of romance. You'll see how Ash works his way up in his academy. You will see why so many characters are introduced and kept throughout the works. You'll see why two of the largest kingdoms in the land almost declare total war on each other, just for one dragon. Nothing about these things are child's play either, with there being warriors who could take out thousands of men to terrorists holding hostages in a church. You're in for hell-of-a read when you pick this series up

Art: 7
The art is unique and well-made at certain parts. The characters themselves look similar to those in other mangas. Clothing is nothing too special either. The art shines best though in it's drawings of both machinery and the dragons themselves. It's like a completely different manga when you compare it the the cutesy look of the cast. I especially like the kind of steam-punkish elements with the machines as well. The star marks also have good aesthetic value as well.

Characters: 9
This is where the manga shines the most. It originally starts off with a modest cast side but as it goes along, you meet new characters with old ones getting more and more deeper in to their backstory. Not all the girls come off to initially like Ash. No some have some history with him prior to the events in the manga. Others want him for their own selfish reasons. However, the new characters you meet will also get some story of their own such as the elfish rider, Lukka. They're not one-offs either. No, they keep returning back iin later issues such as the assassin pair from the Zepharos empire. Little by little, you'll be able to piece who they are.

Enjoyment: 8
I enjoy reading this manga very much. It has a nice mix of comedy, action and fan-service. The comedy is unique in its own ways, whereas Eco somehow gets woozy and disoriented from eating crepes, which leads to embarrassing moments for Ash. The fan service also hits you by surprise. One moment Sylvia is talking to her elder sister. The next moment, her top is ripped off by her sisters axe... Very enjoyable.

That is my review on Dragonar academy. A harem-fantasy story where you see how the cast develops as they save their kingdom from all sorts of evils.
I hope you nejoyed this review and enjoy the manga as well.