Dec 4, 2015
LetaPrince123 (All reviews)
This is probably the greatest anime I have the good fortune to even gaze upon the art style, let alone watch it. I have merely watched it for 2 hours and it has already changed my life. Before watching this anime, I weighed 647 pounds, Now I weigh merely 178 pounds. It has gifted the gift of a good career in film directing, and has guided through the troubles of early adulthood. This Anime is a second parent to me. Zumomo to Nupepe, is my savior. All hail Zumomo to Nupepe!

As my dad was always fond of saying,
"You'll pay for the whole seat, but you'll only need the egde".
Honestly this encapsulates Zumomo to Nupepe perfectly. There was never a dull moment with this anime. The non-stop adventure kept me engaged and immersed. The incredible audio visual experience further boosted this experience. I lived in the Anime. This Anime is a must play. For anyone. It will change your life