Dec 4, 2015
SheepEtiquette (All reviews)
Okay, so if you asked me a couple of days ago if I'd watch a cooking anime, I'd probably say, "The closest thing to cooking I'd watch is Asuna's cooking skill in SAO."
But then I watched Shokugeki no Souma.
This isn't just a cooking anime. This is a work of art! The characters' personalities all work off each other, with each one having a backstory (that isn't too in-depth, I hate long and boring backstories) that helps develop the character. Oh yeah, and there is:
-Learning how to cook!
-Cutting with different types of knives!
-And cooking speeches so awesome that Kamina would say them if he were a chef!
Sometimes, the staleness is so cliche that it is funny, too!
I love waiting to see how the next person will react to Yukihira's food. He is like the Kirito of the cooking world!
I love the story, full of cookingness
Artwork includes detailed artwork of food! And, well, aprons.
The sound includes reactions to food!
The main character isn't a soft and gentle person who's main objective is to protect his friends. The main character is a guy who's like, "I'ma kick yo butts! With cooking!"
And the enjoyment is to die for, just like Yukihira's "creations" are, literally!
So yeah, I might be too hype for someone who's only watched 9 episodes. But hey, I don't care!