Dec 3, 2015
obSASSion (All reviews)
Seriously speaking, I have never read or watched Naruto before but seeing the reviews that this manga's getting just made me want to write my own opinions down.

So, for a person who has never read or watched Naruto before, I find this a great shounen manga. Many say it's a ripoff of Naruto but technically, there are many other mangas that seem like a ripoff of another. Aster, the main character, is able to nullify magic a.k.a. he is special. What comes to mind? Mikan from Gakuen Alice.
Personally, I find the main character extremely similar to Hinata from Haikyuu!. There are many factors of different manga that seem like "ripoffs" of other mangas that came before it. Unfortunately, great minds think alike and inspirations exist so similar ideas cannot be avoided easily. There are plenty of mangas with extremely similar storylines as others! This applies especially to shoujo romances. It's ridiculous how many of them are similar to eachother.

If you do like Naruto, you may enjoy Black Clover. Who knows- you may end up liking it.

As for Black Clover, I enjoy OP-ness coming from some unknown lil' shit so this is something right up my ally. If you enjoy Main Characters x Awesomeness, I think you'll enjoy this. As for me, I never get tired of that kind of cliche. Many of the other characters start to understand how great the main character, Aster, is after battling alongside or against him.
Aster's rival, Juno, is just as admirable in terms of his power. And no, he isn't "emotionless" like Sasuke from Naruto as one of the reviews commented on. Anyone can tell that pretty easily if you follow Black Clover's story.

The story is good enough for me. Unless you're a big Naruto fan and sees this as a total "ripoff" then you might not be gracious enough to give it a chance. I know Naruto's characters- Naruto and Sasuke, fairly. And they are pretty different from the two main male characters of Black Clover. From what I see- including background, how they grew up, their friendship and views, are all different. They do have similarities but many differences as well. You're just looking at the wrong place.

As for art, I find it great. Backgrounds, scenery, emotions- CHECK.

** Enjoyment is 10/10. **

Overall, I give this a 9, ignoring the possibility that it may be a storyline stolen from Naruto.