Dec 1, 2015
Nisekoi (Anime) add (All reviews)
Maroya (All reviews)
I'm going to get a lot of hate for this, but I think this anime is extremely overrated and honestly one of the worst SoL-Romance animes I have ever watched.
Nothing ever changes. Every now and then a new character is introduced and falls in love with the MC. Typical Harem style.
The parts I hated most were when the MC suddenly notices that Chitoge kind of looks cute when she's not a freaking bitch (and I know the different between a tsundere and a bitch) but then she's just back to the old bitchitoge she always was and they go back to disliking each other.
This happened for at least 5 times during the show.
20 episodes and nothing changed since the first one besides more characters are now in love with the MC.

Every episode there's a romantic scene between MC and another girl, and they almost share a lovey-dovey moment... but nah. This is what the audience wants, right? A love scene. NAAAAAH we're just going to make them watch all the way to episode 20 only to realize that they wasted all their fucking time watching this stupid show where the MC does NOTHING the entire show, the girls flying around them do NOTHING the entire show, and everything is just complete garbage.

Story: 2/10
except for the whole key and locket thing, there isn't any plot at all. Shame to even describe it as a story.

Art & Sound: 5/10
I can appreciate a mediocre animation. Not more than that though.

Characters: 1/10
I assume that if you read the whole review you know what's my opinion of the characters in this anime. TLDR - no development, no changes in personalities, the characters are almost the same as they were in the first episode.

Enjoyment: 0/10 None.

Overall 1/10:
I downloaded this anime because I heard a few recommendations of it to watch while I on a trip with my family. The only reason I kept on watching it is because I had nothing else to do on the flight back home.
I would give this anime a flat 0/10, but MAL can only go down to 1.