Nov 30, 2015
UltimateAdrian20 (All reviews)
There is something, yet feels like nothing and yet I still want more

Thats my basic impression to this series. I want to like it a lot, but there are too many things that push it for me perfect or even good.Yet it demands you to continue.

Mushoku Tensei is one of the newest entries into the fantast seriesthat has become a nice niche for me. However unlike other titles that had their own charms ( Dungeon Meshi or Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari) with only minor hiccups, these one seems to match its sense of enjoyment with its sense of revulsion.

The main story is about a 34 Neet person, who after losing his parents and regarded by his peers as garbage, is killed off saving some people and reincarneted as a young child in a fantasy setting to his pleasure.

And thats itself points the charm and flaws of the premise. The MC has his memory of his past live ( a disguisting , perverted ,shameless person) put in the position of his own benefits. He is a miracle kid who has situations and outcomes make him great with him being the greast mage and swordfight er progidy., and as such comes of as obnoxious. The boy literally learns everything perfectly but just putting his mind to it. No process , no win/loss scenario .Just perfect Miracle kid.And the fact that manga keeps shoving into my face that he is in fact a 34 year old man in a 6 year old kid's body

The fan service comes of as repugnant as well with the MC moments with his mother, his best friend , his tutor, his cousin, his aunt . At the story shows that he gets it from his father, who cheated on his wife with a maid and the manga asks us to accept it.

And even though I should hate that in the manga, there are still moments of positive with the book like his " Taming of the Shrew" arc with his cousin. Even the art is too good for this sort of thing, with beautiful designs and images.

I wanted to like this book but at the same time I dont want to like it either. It feels like To Love Ru if the MC is a scumbag with the best luck in the world.Yet it is deeper than any harem comics has any need to be.

While I still continue to read it to see how it goes (Its adapted from a best seller visual novel, WTH?), I would not recommend this to any fan of fantasy. Only touch this it would you can keep your sanity in check