Nov 28, 2015
Jureon (All reviews)
Okay, this is my first review ever.

Sakasama no Patema is a great example of a movie which has a more deeper themes than you initially would think.
The story starts with a girl named Patema living underground in a society of "inverts" who have their gravity inverted. One day she stumbles on the surface and nearly falls in to the sky, until she's grabbed by a boy named Age who lives on the surface in this totalitarian government of "normal" people, and that's how their story begins.

It's a scary thought getting swallowed by the sky, free falling into never ending oblivion and into the space. This movie takes an interesting perspective on themes like totalitarian governments, stereotypes, taking your first step in to the unknown and the most important theme of all..Trust in your fellow humans.

The art in this movie is top tier. The characters blend perfectly with the vivid and colorful scenery. I'd say their art style is somewhere between P.A. Works and Ghibli.

The soundtrack is carefully crafted and of very high quality. It has this wonderful mix emotion and fits in to the theme of the movie. Even though there was some tracks that could of have more emotional impact.

Overall: Overall Sakasama no Patema is a very beautiful movie which has strong themes and interesting setting for the story. It reminds me of those old high quality adventure movies I used to watch as kid. It made me clench my fist every time they were about to do something reckless. For me this movie was 9/10. It could have been 10/10 if they would've set up more lore for the world.

Thank you for reading and sorry for my inferior english!