Jan 18, 2008
Siing (All reviews)
First off, let me say that this is the best hentai i've seen (thou that doesn't really count much i guess for I haven't seen much hentai... Not really into hentai you see but when I heard what this one was about i just had to watch it)... Oh yeah this is my first review as well, and i'm pretty bad at explaining things well so i'm sorry if this review doesn't make much sense.

Story: 8/10
Hentai's are known to have crap story lines and so on- (not that this one has much of a storyline either, but of what it does have it uses very efficiently). While watching this, it actually felt like a genuine anime and not a hentai, which no other hentai has done so hey that's gotta mean something. I was literally laughing off my seat at some of the stuff this is able to produce. So i'm sure you'd be able to get a good laugh out of this one, and i dunno- maybe for you fappers out there you can well yeah...

Animation: 8/10
The art and animation was very clean and so on throughout the 2 eps that this hentai has. I did notice a few flaws (mainly in ep 2), but overall it delivers.

Sound: 8/10
The seiyuu's did their job, i didn't have any problems with them. As for background music, i can't really say much for i don't really notice the background music much (unless its either really good or really bad). So overall if i can't remember anything it must mean there was nothing good nor bad, so no problems there either.

Charecter: 9/10
Fujino Shion was absolutely amazing, i loved her to bits. Without her most of the enjoyment of the series wouldn't have been there. Really, she's the reason i watched this. Really quiet (practically mute) girl who is obsessed with vibrators and seemingly uses one 24/7 no matter where she is? I'm there! Mika was also very entertaining for what there was of her, its a shame this is only 2 eps long, i would have liked more screentime of her to get to know her better (but this is a hentai after all...). Fukuya was also a pretty good male protagonist, not annoying at all. Overall, i don't think your gonna find another character like Shion in this, she really is just awesome.

Enjoyment: 10/10
Wow... A hentai which I enjoyed so much that it gets a perfect 10/10? Yeah... Fujino ftw~

Overall: 9/10
I can't say how much someone who is looking for a hardcore hentai may enjoy this. After all i pretty much watched it as a normal anime and not a hentai, not really getting much hentai-ish vibes while watching this. In other words, i was in it for the lulz and not fappability, but I can assure you you should get some good laughs from this one.