Nov 26, 2015
seola (All reviews)
This is the anime you probably see all over Tumblr with funny and relatable screencaps. You'd think "Wow, this anime must be really funny!". Well, it is; In the first three episodes at least.

Basically, Umaru is a high school student who's admired by everyone because of her kind personality, looks, and brains. But once she's at home, she's a lazy weeb who bosses her brother around 25/8 to do shit for her. The art is decent, I guess, but the main point is suppose to be Umaru's personality, or at least I think it is.

There's some side characters, but they don't do much. The anime has 0 plot. The entire series is just the same repetitive scenes and jokes. Umaru doesn't improve as a person, even though there were multiple occurrences where the plot could've developed, but nothing. Although the episode where she gets to be with her mother for Christmas was really touching, it was the only time that there was some kind of emotional factor in the series.

Honestly, I watched this anime in hope that I could just relax and laugh, but after episode 5 it got pretty boring, and it was just generic scenes of Umaru being spoiled and playing video games. People hype this anime way too much. It had so much potential, but nothing happens.