Nov 25, 2015
random00 (All reviews)
Before you watch this anime I highly recommend you read the manga REC first. It is only one chapter that will greatly enhance the enjoyment and appreciation for this show. I will not spoil anything so details can be found here:

Basically this OVA is a "spiritual successor" and sequel to REC like how Dark Souls is a "spiritual successor" of Demon's Souls. The story does not seem deep or have meaning on the surface level but if you take the time to fully analyze what is going on, you will see how agonizingly powerful and emotional the story can be. Story gets a 10/10.

If there's anything similar that I can to compare this series to, it would be Mawaru Penguindrum and Revolutionary Girl Utena. There are so many symbolic things such as the hair style blocking the eyes of our main protagonist, Arata, the dark skin color of his brother, and finally the balding spectacled obese father. These characters are all intrinsically unique in their motives and beliefs. The most complex character has to be the heroine, Koharu, and if you read REC you can see the psychological depth of humanity in its transcendence. Characters are therefore OUTSTANDING and a 10/10.

Now if there is any point of debate regarding this anime, it has to be the art. To some it may seem nauseating but viewers have to remember this is actually a deep show. I am sure the general consensus for shows like Ping Pong is that despite the crap art it actually enhances the experience. I will try to say that this is the same for this show. Drunk motion visuals wonderfully represented the chaos and turmoil going on this situation and I can't wait to see how this newcomer Teruaki Murakami directs his future works. 10/10 for art, and 10/10 for enjoyment.

TL;DR: 10/10 ! Philosophy with H added in the mix = Max enjoyment.