Nov 23, 2015
sataneku (All reviews)
Other than the art, this is shit. This review is gonna be pretty short, I'm only writing it because there is no review.
So, in terms of plot, there's this guy, he's a sadist. He works at a video store. This other guy constantly gets sadomasochistic porno from his store. The video store guy thinks he wants to have sex with him. Shit happens, he gets raped by the other guy. I don't care if you like rape in fiction, but I had no warning and well. It surprised me and i was angered. They could've became cute consensual boyfriends, yet the author fucked up. 0/10, would not recommend.

The art style is very good though. If you like the art, check out some of the other works by this author. Because some of them are actually good plot wise, and in some of them nobody gets raped without warning.