Nov 22, 2015
NaxxN (All reviews)
Where do I even start with this, just watched the first film of this series and man do I love it!

The Story is superb in my opinion the first film is called "reunion" or Saikai in Japanese if you will, and it is just that, the reunion of friends who haven't seen each other in many years, the story takes you back to the days you were just a kid and watching Digimon Adventure on the TV. They made such an amazing job on the story and gave everyone their deserved time, and wow, have they changed growing up, I'm not a crier but some moments were hard to keep the tears and memories back from my childhood. So I personally think they made a superb job with the first episode! 11/10. For the purpose of the episodes(first film) they made a great job on the story re-introducing all the old beloved characters!

The Art of the series could not been better they've really worked with it and it shows, I had big expectations and after seeing what they did I'm not disappointed the least! The Art fits the series and makes it look so futuristic and awesome. We all know how the Anime creators have one style of making the series, and then often change the art style when making a film, Digimon Adventure tri, has that movie quality that beats everything I've ever seen. 10/10.

Sound was amazing also the intro music was awesome. And the rest of the soundtrack was so great really had that Digimon feeling to it, that we all grew up to! 10/10.

The Characters, Oh do I love the characters, they've changed so much these past years just as expected but they've captured the original idea and characteristics behind them all. Mimi is still Mimi and the funny loving girl she was, Sora still can't handle Taichi and Yamato but still makes everything work in the group, Hikari still the adorable little girl she used to be, Takeru the playboy we always knew he would become :D, Koushirou the computer geek that we all love and that keeps our little digimons safe in the worst of times with his skills, Jou still going hardcore with life and always thinking, Taichi still the side alpha of the group and the oldest with his own attitude, Yamato the other side alpha that keeps the group together at the hardest times.

and lets not forget our new member of the group Meiko the adorable new girl with her digimon Meicoomon.

AND DON'T FORGET! Agumon, Gabumon, Patamon, Gomamon, Palmon, Piyomon, Tailmon, Tentomon, That we all know and love 10/10.

Enjoyment, I think you already know why I love this series by now, But to clarify, how the story made me feel, it feels like the original and they made the reunion feel like the best reunion there could ever be in a Anime. 10/10. They made me fall in love again!

Overall 10/10 for these reasons, best series in 15 years!