Nov 18, 2015
Ezekiel_01 (All reviews)
Anime Special Review No.8

It’s been awhile since I made a review about anything specifically anime so I will start my comeback with this short review about “Selector Infected WIXOSS: Midoriko-san to Piruruku-tan”. This special focuses specifically about Midoriko and Piruruku, Hitoe and Akira former LRIGs, discussion about the comments, answers and feedback of netizens about different topics that tackles the themes and concept of the Anime “Selector Infected Wixoss” whether it is serious or plain ridiculous. Consist of 3 episodes, spanning 5 minutes each. Available on Blue-ray DVD.

Story (7/10)

Since the former anime just earn my respect I don’t mind if they will bring in some fan service on the DVD specials like beach episode or anything that suit the fetishes or the dark desire of its fans. But what a surprise for once J.C Staff just showed some respect to its entire cast and it’s own work. They didn’t throw any ecchi scenes or even the most generic themes most special do.

This time they become creative with the comedy and theme of the special. As I tackle before it’s about different people commentary about the “Anime Itself” but not directly since the question asked are basic random question most mundane people can answer fairly and differently.

And so what’s so funny about asking people some random question concerning their social life and other things concerning daily living with society? First of all Piruruku-tan make’s side comments on how hilarious the answer of some people make in a particular answer and that made it very humorous and also informative. 2nd part I will discuss it on the Character section.

Getting to the point why the plot is good enough for the special is that it’s serious and funny at the same time. Same with the anime there are some psychological eastern eggs that you can spot within the discussion and comedic events that make it very smart and well made.

Characters (8/10)

Midoriko-san and Piruruku-tan are the MC for this special. They are the ones that introduces various topics and information concerning many things that is very interesting if you took attention on the question they ask that have a direct connection to the former series.

For flavoring Midoriko and Piruruku have more personality here than the anime series. During this 3 episode special I am very entertained by these 2 especially Piruruku personality. Did I mention that Piruruku makes the funny side comment about the people who answered the question and oh boy her comment is cold and she also includes the anime industry and even its own studio in her side comments. Well-being aware about being an anime and a use fan service material really adds up with character appeal in the show.

The other characters and main cast have a fair share in the short special. They show up mostly on the questioning scenes and they have a special scene of their own in which is funny for it really matches their real personality from the former series. Ruru is very funny here actually and I enjoy watching her here very much.

Music (7/10) and Art (8/10)

The music used is the ED of the 1st season of the anime title “realize -Yume no Matsu Basho” that plays in a few seconds after the special. I like the ED of selector it just want me to play it again in my phone and listen to it everytime.

As for the art style it’s very good. Art is composed of two styles first is the pre-school doodle art style that I enjoyed very much, it’s add with the humor, and second is the standard art style of the former anime.

Enjoyment (8/10)

I practically enjoy this 5 minute special each totally worth my time. I like the smart humor, I like the fan service they made to the characters that didn’t destroy the respect I have for them but instead I love them even more. The hidden psychological message is still there but the humor doesn’t break it apart. I highly recommend the special first after you watch the first season and before the second season.

Overall (7.5 equivalent to 8)

For a special that focus mostly on making fan service extra that doesn’t not affect the main story this special done it right. A very creative fan service that is rich in humor, heavy on substance and highly respects its character. And for that reason alone I will give it a high rating.

(Extra Commentary)
I wish J.C Staff will just continue making more of this anime instead than disrespecting their main characters for most their recent works and current works. For once J.C Staff earned its dignity as studio that can make good anime adaptation.

One Work I considered a Good Anime J.C Staffed Adapted is “Tora Dora” if you guys haven’t watched it I highly recommend you guys to try it out. It’s a greatly done “School RomCom Slice of Life theme of show”.