Nov 17, 2015
StigmaStarzzs (All reviews)
(You don't need to read this part, just skip to the short review part)
Finally, CardFight! Vanguard G is out! The first episode. Yeah, yeah same old, meeting new character, noob beating a really experienced player. Okay, shorter battles that's new. The ending... Aichi? NOOOOOO!!! Chrono! Please at least talk to Aichi! Come on Chrono, he saved the world! He's the reason you're alive right now!

Short Review: This anime was mediocre. What I really hated about this season is that they trying their best to avoid the main of main characters from the other arc, *cough cough* Aichi. Kai. If they never put Aichi as a cameo, it would be a little better. I feel like the developers were thinking:
Story Writer: "Hummmm... Should we put Aichi and Kai into CardFight! Vanguard G?
Producer: "We should to crush the dreams of the fans of Aichi and Kai."
Story Writer: "Okay, I'll add Aichi in the end of an episode and never make him show up ever again."
Sorry, just had to get that off my chest. I know there are people that hated Aichi and Kai and love Chrono, Tokoha and Shion.
Anyways, this season of this arc is obviously just a opening. I didn't expect a lot from it, but the second half of the series is really good. There is a plot. Sort of. Chrono, Tokoha and Shion weren't that bad either, but I prefer the old main characters.

Long Review:

Story (7/10):
The story was pretty bad in the beginning, but it was fine. No one was expecting anything for the first season of the arc, probably. In my opinion, I think you should watch the first season of the first arc, then watch this one because they are basically the same thing but one has better quality. After finishing this you should go watch the season 2, 3 and 4 of the first arc because in my opinion those were the seasons that improved, plot-wise.
The plot in the end was okay, not much happened, but they had a plot so I gave them 5 points for that. Thumps up for the story write because I wasn't expecting anything to happen in the end. (I'm not going to spoil anything.)

Art (9/10):
The art improved a lot, who knew that technology can develope so much in the last 4 years, now they have pretty animation and smooth transitions. The character art was average, but the art for battles were really good. Maybe that's why there are shorter battles, not 3 episode per battle.

Sound (7/10):
The sound was average, not a lot of music stood out. I was a little disappointed when it came to music because the soundtrack was really good in the first arc.

Character (7/10):
Okay, this category is debatable. I think it is more debatable than story for this season. Some people will say, they suck because the main characters in the past arc were better. Others will say, they are way better than the other characters.
I'm more in the side where the characters of the first arc rule over the ones in this season. But the fact is that I really hated the characters in the first season of the first arc because they were really boring, except for Kai, It wasn't until the end of the season, which made me like the characters more. G had the same thing happening, but they messed up a little in the beginning making the characters too over-powered.
Of coarse, this is debatable and you might think this is wrong! But, it is probably because you aren't a big fan of the old characters.

Final Comment: This season was average. If you don't expect much, then it is decent and okay to watch. My end score is a 7.