Nov 17, 2015
Szandor (All reviews)
How would I describe this? It can be factually described as a promotional piece for a video game, but also conceptually as the first episode in a longer series that never got produced.

It sets up an imaginative setting with rich content and an interesting background. The story promises to be engaging and rich and the characters show a lot of potential. And of course, the music is great. But there is one small flaw that takes everything down a few notches and actually places the overall score lower than the individual scores.

This is the only episode.

There is so much promise here. Yes, it's meant to promote a video game, but that is also a part of its problem. Even though I happen to own a PS2, I never played Ar Tonelico and I would wager I'm not the only one to watch this and not play the game. That's why I have to review it as it is, without the game. And that's why it falls short.

Should you watch it? Well, it's not a long watch and it is good, but there is a lingering disappointment waiting at the end since everything is set up, but nothing gets resolved or developed during the show.

Somehow, it might actually have been better for it to not be so good.