Nov 16, 2015
cardcaptorkyo (All reviews)
I honestly went blind into this anime and had no idea what to expect well except for food. But, my reason for continuing to watch this show was because of I can’t believe I am saying this – the parts where people become stark naked and have orgasms from the food they eat. Not to mention, that the tentacle porn like scenes also made me question how this show would go down. No kidding!

But, even though that’s one aspect of this anime that grabbed my attention- but yet it still wasn’t obviously enough for me to consider food wars even as a decent anime at that point. I thought at most this was going to end up being a guilty pleasure for me- because at first this was show was basically people getting pleasured by food.

However, what made me truly love this show was the competition aspect of it. I mean, I find it really interesting at how all the students are pressured to the point of basically wanting to commit suicide over cooking five star meals. Like I mentioned earlier, in this school only 10% of the students make it out alive and they are pushed basically beyond their limits. In this school, it’s basically go big or go home situation for all the characters and it heavily reminded me of competition shows like Hell’s Kitchen or Masterchef- where everyone judging your food is ten times harsher than Gordon Ramsey and Joe Bastianich combined.

And just when you think, that the characters have gone through it all- turns out that the hell you thought they were facing was just a prep for the actual hell they are going to face. Any normal person, in their situations would have simply cracked under pressure and would have required major therapy to go on with life. I swear, the challenges are tough and kind of similar to the ones in HunterXHunter just with food. But, we thank god we have a great cast of characters that manage to shine brightly in whatever challenge they face whether they win or lose.

First in line, we have got our main male character Yukihira Sohma the underdog in Totsuki due to the fact unlike others he just worked in a local restaurant. Sohma despite being your average shonen protagonist was very likeable. I loved how confident he was and that he’d face every challenge without breaking a sweat. He also never looked down on his opponents despite being like this and even helped others out too. One issue I had with his character in particular- that it seems that his victory is always guaranteed. Because he is the main character – not to mention all he seems to is win . But, what saved his character from being a disappointment that he was technically not the best and that he would work hard in improving his craft. He wants to outshine his dad- and he always fails in defeating him- reason why he becomes determined to be the best.

Then we have Erina Nakiri, the first main female protagonist of the show and also a potential love interest for Yukihira. And let me just say, that’s it been a while since I have come across an annoying spoiled and bitchy tsundere. For the time being, I hate her guts and I am hoping that would change by the end. What I dislike the most about her character is the fact- she is full of herself and basically considers herself better than others. Everybody in her eyes are meagre peasants while she is the queen. Not to mention, her unfair treatment of Sohma in the second episode pissed the living hell out of me. She is literally the worst girl in the show and possibly one of the worst characters to come out in 2015.

We now Sohma’s other potential love interest Megumi Tadokoro who is basically the opposite of Sohma and is a breath of fresh air compared to this bitch. She is timid, shy and scared shitless went dealing with a challenge unlike Sohma. Megumi is hands down the most relatable character in the show and I always rooted for her since her introduction in EP3. People think Sohma’s the underdog when truth be told it’s actually Megumi who manages to knock it out of the park with her cooking. But, she does screw up a lot and ends up getting poor grades because of nervous she gets. But, she gets probably the most character development and does her best to conquer her fears and prove to everyone that she does indeed belong here.

I especially loved the bond she had with Sohma and they suit each other perfectly because of how their personalities contrast with one another. Sohma basically gives her the push she needs and helps her realize that she should cook while being calm and having fun in the process. I also love how much Sohma cares for Megumi and almost gets expelled in the middle of the show for her sake. Megumi thanks to Sohma, ends up improving a tonne and starts believing in herself more. That’s why I ship these two like crazy and I swear if the mangaka makes Erina end up with Sohma then I will kill a bitch. Cause sweet and caring Megumi honestly deserves it more than this childish princess. Also, we don’t want Food Wars to have a tragic ending by making Sohma end up dealing with the atrocity that is Erina Nakiri.

I also loved yes Sohma’s third potential love interest Mito Ikumi, Erina’s cousin Alice (who is awesome unlike her), the Aldini brothers, Akira, Erina’s assistant Hisako and they were all surprisingly given a fair amount of character development. It was a really clever idea to showcase the characters backstory when they present their food while nervously awaiting the judgment. It hence makes us worry for them even more. I honestly love all the characters in the show due to their over the top and unique personalities, with the exception of Erina Nakiri of course- which is obvious given how much I ranted about her earlier on.

Food Wars however did not only give importance to the characters but also to the food which was obviously necessary. But, instead of just exploring Japanese cuisine they also dived into others like Italian, Indian, and Chinese etc. which I truly appreciate. They also didn’t spew out anything complicated for us to understand but by the end we were thoroughly impressed at their knowledge of food- which is the key in cooking.

The animation for Food Wars was done by JC Staff- who I am a fan of. And even though JC staff have put out better looking shows in the past they still did a great a job with this one. They especially exceuted the food tasting scenes where the characters do that thing exceptionally well not to mention they made the food look good enough to make your mouth water. Hence, making Food Wars a terrible anime to watch during Ramadan for Muslims or basically anytime you are hungry. That’s why I recommend you eat while you watch this show.

I love both the first OP and especially the ED for Food Wars and I consider them better than the second ones - and I wish they didn’t get replaced in the second half.

As for flaws of this show I would say that it takes about five episodes to get really good. Its when all the characters are properly introduced is when the show starts getting better. Also, after something as epic as a the arc dealing with the students at that camp- the karage arc felt very underwhelming to me. Thank god it only last two episodes because I got scared thinking that Food Wars would go downhill beyond that point. But thank god, it didn’t it just got better and better!

In a nutshell, what makes Shokugeki No Soma great are the characters, the challenges they face and the facts of food that are presented to us. The orgasming to food part is just a bonus and I hate how people are simply basing their opinion on the show simply based on that aspect. I know I also judged the show due that same reason at first- but it was easy to look past it given all the other stuff it offered me. The main reason, I guess I made this review is to fully inform those who think Foods Wars is basically unique form of fanservice that it’s a show definitely worth not looking down upon. If you still didn’t like Food Wars then I guess that’s your problem!

As much as I would love to award Food Wars with an 10 for being addictive and interesting as hell- I have to give it a 9 because about seven episodes were underwhelming and not on the same level of brilliance as the rest. But, none the less Food Wars is a MUST WATCH show but avoid it at all costs if you are a Muslim fasting during Ramadan!