Nov 12, 2015
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If this is what the anime industry honestly has in store for us, I might as well go live under a rock from now on.

Sequels, in all honesty, should build on their predecessor and deliver a new splash of flavor to the series - whether it be a more invigorating plot, new/interesting characters, or a more in-depth back story that does not fail to amaze.

IS: 2 fails to do any of this - it, in fact, is the epitome of everything that can go wrong.

Enter Ichika Oriumra, the same male lead from the first season of IS. You would imagine by this point that he would undergo some kind of character development - but, in reality, he is as dense as he was in season 1. His dense nature is probably why this anime was just so unbearable - everything about him was very predictable. Someone making a move on him, for example? You can pretty much guess how he would respond.

The other main characters do not change much either. They behave and act with all of their weird little strange idiosyncrasies - which is obviously fine up to a point. Their idiosyncrasies are a way for viewers to differentiate between the female leads; I guess you can call them personality "quirks", if you will. But where IS 2 goes wrong is that these same "quirks" are used over and over, up to the point where it becomes predictable and bland.

There are also new characters, obviously, but their introductions into the series are incredibly forced. Orimura continues to build his harem, new villains are introduced... you know, the same old cliches and what not. Again, new characters are fine, but what is not fine is their entrance into the series. Each new character appeared in the series just for the heck of it - they were not well-integrated to the surrounding plot (if you could even call it a plot).

The plot is awfully forced too. The plot is too focused too much on the fanservice/harem aspect, and thus, most of the time, it doesn't even seem like there is a plot most of the time. When there is an attempt to make a plot, it flowed extremely poorly - an utter and complete mess.

The plot execution is flawed too. Here's one example (trying very hard not to spoil anything!): IS 2 attempts to incorporate a number of cut scenes but a lot of the times it is difficult to interpret their true purpose or whether they are even necessary.

The only plus to IS 2 is the art and sound, and even then, there's nothing exceptional there. Which just tells you how bad this anime is.

This anime should be a sin. I try not to give any 1's to any anime series, but IS 2 was just too unbearable for me. If I were you, I would avoid this anime at all cost. I'm not even sure why I decided to suffer through all 12 episodes...

Story: 2
Art: 4
Sound: 4
Character: 1
Enjoyment: 1
Overall: 1

- The only pro I can think of is the art and sound.
- Poor character development
- Poor incorporation of characters
- Poor execution of plot
- Unrelatable characters

*Sorry that I'm pretty vague about this, I'm trying my hardest not to spoil anything.*