Nov 11, 2015
Lyudegul (All reviews)
I've got to admit it, at first when I saw a manga about sumo I thought "OMG what's wrong with WSJ they're run out of ideas, this isn't gonna work", but hey, after 30 chapters were released in english and I saw his rankings in TOCs I gave it a shot and it really surprised me on the good way.

Of course, this is a shônen released in WSJ, so it obviously has some clichés, but they are well implanted in the story and you don't get sick of them as, for example, in Fairy Tail or Black Clover.

The story is a very normal one and is a story that is starting to be used by most of the spokon authours: "a boy with a little body who aims to be at the top of the sport he adores", but the MC's past is well introduced and makes you understand him and like him. Also the rivals are just great. They're not those empty rivals a normal shônen would have, they also have their background story that makes you ending up empathizing with them (my favourite character so far is sada).

The art is awesome, unlike Haikyuu or Kuroko, which first chapters's arts were poor and a bit lame, this manga's art is very beautiful and well drawn from the start.

My personal opinion is that this is a great sports manga of a sport that is not very popular out of Japan and even among Japanese these days, so it's underrated. But I highly recommend it to everyone who likes spokon manga because it's very enjoyable.