Nov 8, 2015
YoungVagabond (All reviews)
Junji Ito, easily the greatest horror mangaka ever, decided to write an autobiographical diary about taking care of his two cute cats with his wife. It was a radical departure, but Ito's talent shined through, creating a funny, entertaining work.

Despite being a manga about two adorable felines and his wife, Ito uses the same drawing style and presentation as for his horror manga. The wife has pupil-less eyes and a demonic grin. The cats are constantly drawn as creepy, fearsome beings internally plotting among themselves for their owner's demise. Frequently, Ito draws himself as an insane monster. This art style and presentation, when contrasted against the stories of taking care of two adventurous felines, is amusing and stays that way throughout the almost 200 pages of the manga. Everyone outside of Ito's household is drawn as a normal, cheerful person, adding to the humor.

The individual chapters detail different episodes of dealing with cats, from their adoption to them curling up on a bed to one escaping and being caught. It's entertaining enough for cat lovers and owners, but one obviously shouldn't expect Ito's usual creativity. It is, after all, a cat diary. Ito was smart enough to end it after 10 chapters, before the cat's antics became repetitive, and the charm of the horror-style presentation faded away.

One aspect I really enjoyed were the color photos of Ito's two real-life cats contained near the end of the manga. After seeing them, I was even more impressed by Ito's fictional depiction of them in the manga. Then again, as a cat lover myself, I know there is a little devil inside even the most innocent of cats!

Junji Ito's Cat Diary is a good, solid manga I would recommend to any fans of his, cat lovers, or anyone looking for a short, fun read.