Nov 7, 2015
Preliminary (8/143 chp)
I just couldn't get into this manga. For starters, each chapter is pretty much a self contained story and each one is incredibly short which means not very much happens. Then there is the entire premise that for some reason these middle school students can't reveal that they are dating or that they like each other - unless there is a law against this or this is back in the early 90's in Japan, I don't see how anyone would really care. There's literally no reason ever explained in what I read that makes any sense here.

On top of that, there's no real overarching plot that draws you in. Each tiny chapter feels more like a chance to put up a few pages that supposedly leads to an "awwww" moment or something, but most of them are cutesy rather than romantic and few of them have any sort of emotional impact at all.

Honestly, I feel like this is the manga equivalent of girls looking at pictures of cute puppies or kittens on the internet and probably not worth wasting your time over unless you really enjoy that kind of stuff.
Reviewer’s Rating: 4
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