Nov 4, 2015
Dml17 (All reviews)
I felt I had to write this review (albeit years late and out of no where) for 2 reasons
1. Naruto (the franchise) has been on a downward spiral for a long time and this is an example
2. to piss off my friend who really likes Naruto and gave this a rating of 8

*This is my first review*

So here we go,

The story starts off extremely abruptly in the middle of a random desert with no explanation for why Konohamaru and friends are there. They are then pursued by a giant centipede and it looks as though they are struggling to fight it. Then suddenly "RASENGAN"
Naruto comes in with the save, easily killing this creature. It is then revealed that this is the chunnin exam, however this isn't just a promotion or a contest between villages, this is to strengthen the Allied Shinobi Forces. It skips to the next part of the exam which is the one on one battles. As Temari explains the rules to the competitors Konohamaru and Naruto are having a petty argument that is supposed to produce some laughs.
Next the most anticlimactic reveal occurs in which the viewer finds out Konohamaru and Naruto are fighting.

This is when everything goes from bad to horrific.

The fight starts off and instantly, Naruto takes out Konohamaru handedly, and obviously because if he didn't that would be completely ludicrous
The crowd is disappointed in the battle that never was and Konohamaru is laying there looking unconscious, he finally gets up and suddenly has a huge burst of energy and his goal is to land just ONE hit on Naruto.
Naruto begins to completely man handle him, which he should, until Konohamaru gets another sudden burst of energy and starts using jutsus from the first Hokage and Asuma.
Naruto begins to get flustered (never by the akatsuki or any other villains but from this shithead)
He starts walking backwards trips over a rock and Konohamaru lands a single punch, which do to the terrible camera angles you can barely see.
For some reason this triggers Naruto to go into Sage mode......sage mode against a little kid that he was just bitching around for 3 minutes like he was a rag doll.......

Suddenly it cuts to literally EVERY important character in the crowd all just saying "idiot" .....why we needed every characters reaction i have no idea.
We then learn about the dumbest rule in the history of Naruto, apparently going into sage mode was banned to make it more fair for the other competitors and Konohamaru wins.

Overall: this was pointless. it was the same cheesy BS that Naruto has been living off of for years, however the series is actually enjoyable do to the cool characters, awesome fights, and decent story.
This though was just another reason to make money. There are so many problems with this OVA its insane, Why does that horrific rule exist? Why was every important character you can think of watching the chunnin exam if they were supposed to be preparing for a war? Why did Naruto feel he had to try so hard after he was just bitching this child around? This was a pointless cash grab and the epitome of what is wrong with Naruto today