Nov 4, 2015
Ushi_Chan (All reviews)
Mizutama honey boy is so cuteeee~! *waiting patiently for updates* ARRGHHH can't take this anymore! haiyakuuu translator-san ; ~ ;! This manga has literally got me begging for more.
The story is about a girly guy and a warrior-like girl. I like their personalities because it's unique, I haven't seen any other manga like this. And omfg the chemistry progression *gets rabies*.
I felt like I was dying in their cuteness! Sengoku is a girl who I actually admire, because I most of the manga I read are about these girly types of girls, it's rare to find 10% manliness in them but Sengoku is like 90% manly! Plus, she's really independant, which I admire. Fuji is also more girlish than the girls in the manga i've read XD (IMO).

I wish their chemistry progressed a lot faster though, like sure theres cute moments but I also feel like it needs to be progressed a lot faster. And that's pretty much all, I'd want for it to become a better manga.