Nov 3, 2015
angelsreview (All reviews)
You see the words Magical Girl in the key words and what is your main thought? Maybe something like Sailor Moon where you have a 10 minute transformation scene, or maybe even Card Capture Sakura where she runs around trying to capture all the spirits of the cards. Well, this show is a little bit different (although there are transformation scenes). Instead, we have a girl who grew up in a pretty normal household. Sure her father found her in the woods but he treats her exactly how someone would treat a real daughter. He fusses over her, tries hard to have her wear pretty clothing, and makes amazing meals for her. She has a best friend she can ask for help and just is over all a pretty happy girl. The only thing that is different about her is that she is a 17 year old girl trapped in a 10 year old body but even that isn’t all that magical. She was never in a 17 year old body to begin with, she just stopped ageing. They only speculate that she was cursed but from what I can tell, there is no actual way that they know for sure. Before someone tells me that that has to be magical, I am 26 but many people say I look 16 or 17 years old. It’s not all that magical and there are people in this world that look even younger then me like a young Indian girl who is about 22 years old and is only 2 ft 1 inch in height. For those interested, look up Jyoti Amge.

Now going back to the transformation scenes I was talking about, they are not super long and I wouldn’t consider it as her being a Magical Girl. In this world, anyone with a magic pendent might be considered a magical girl and we have already seen a lot of times where Cube, her friend, buys magical items to do things. Yucie isn’t out trying to save the world, she isn’t trying to capture rouge spirits destroying the land, and her transformation scene mostly consists of her changing into a school uniform or some other clothing style to fit what she is doing. It could of just as easily of happened with the girls changing clothing normally. Sometimes I wonder if this is for some sort of fetish because they dress up in so many costumes under the sun, from nuns to cooks, to school girls.

So let’s talk about the characters here. Yucie is a rather sweet and kind hearted girl who wants to help people most of the time. Though she has a childlike look, her personality does show that she is much older then she looks. There is still plenty that she tries to learn and even if she doesn’t want to do something, she will try to keep a smile on her face and look to the best case scenario. I do like her character although I get the impression she is like a Mary Sue character. Someone who is the ideal character in a show or book. This makes her slightly unbelievable and in that part, I don’t like it. I guess the concept works well for the story as she is trying to be the best princess out there so she could get the tiara, but even princesses have faults that should be explored and times in which they would fail. Yucie never seems to fail at anything, although she gets discouraged at times. The only that breaks her from that mold is that when she is around the demon princess Glenda, they tend to fight and bicker. I cannot stand Glenda at all so the less I get of her the better.

Glenda is a very bratty princess that is supposed to have the same problem as Yucie. She is just an opposite of Yucie in every way, making her more like a Tsundara (I guess that would be the opposite of a Mary Sue). Her big thing is saying that she is ‘…The Princess of the Demon World with elegant Beauty and fantastic magical powers…’ or something close to that. There really isn’t much that I can talk about with her because her personality is just being a rival.

Yucie’s father, Gunbard, is a really loving and caring father though sometimes he seems to try a little too hard. It could be because he didn’t have a wife I think so he works so hard being both sides of parenthood. Unfortunately, it seems he has what I like to call Brock Syndrome. It seems to be catching to a lot of anime characters. Symptoms include being a loving housewife style character who can cook well, make tonics to ease the body, have eyes that seem to open or are only horizontal lines, and seems to be obsessed with a girl (although in this case, its more of a fatherly way then a perverted way).

Next, we have Yucie’s school life friend, Cocoloo. Cocoloo is… well… A joke with her is that she ‘Has no presence at all…’ She pops up out of no where and asks if anyone noticed her and they say no, to which she always says that exact line. We get it; you have no presence at all so will you please shut up about it?! Later on in the show, we find out why but still, the joke runs long enough.

When we talk about characters that don’t have much of a presence in the story, I also think about Cube. When I first heard his name, it sounded like he was named Q instead and that reminded me of a character from Star Trek. Ever since then, no matter what spell or anything he did, I would see him as the character from Star Trek and that made me laugh. In reality, Cube is a demon who helps out Yucie and her father with his ability to summon magical items. I say again, this is one of the reasons I got confused between Cube and Q as Q has the ability to change the world around him. Unlike Q though, Cube is kind and gentle, always wanting to help out Yucie and her father but sometimes he does end up messing up. He has a very care free attitude and sometimes I wonder if he is more worried about hurting Gunbard’s feelings instead of Yucie’s since he very rarely takes her side when at home.

The artwork is rather good but definitely not looking like a show from 2002. It has sort of an old air about it like something that came out in the 90s instead. Just the way everything is colored and the design kind of has that vibe. Added to the soft lines around the characters and your seeing just what I mean. The characters are very well drawn, though the younger characters do have this sort of bubbly look to them. Even Yucie has that same sort of feeling to her and yet where in many other shows that might be a turn off to me, in this case not really. It actually works for showing how young they are. Now there are problems with some of the animation in later episodes in where they slacked on some of the art. Fine for some of the comedy, but then when it happens with spots that are supposed to be serious, I can’t take them seriously. The ending has its own sort of water color design to it that’s very pretty. It matches the idea that they are memories of when Yucie was growing up.

The English voice acting is pretty nice. The voice actor for Yucie, Rachel Rivera, plays her rather well. She keeps this sort of youthful tone to the character and yet still makes her seem like she is much older inside. Her voice is rather familiar but I can’t seem to find anything else that she dubbed and I think that is a bit sad. She has just the perfect voice that could work for a lot of different characters out there but sadly she is a less known voice actor. On the other hand, Josh Meyer who plays the voice of Cube seems a bit off. His acting feels like it’s a little bit forced or doesn’t have the right emotion for the character. I know he is supposed to be a ‘servant’ style character for Yucie and her father, but he just comes off as a bit to annoying with his nasally voice. After about the 12th episode, he did end up growing on me, but I think that may be a little to late but at least I could stand him for the rest of the show. Glenda’s voice is also rather annoying, getting to a pitch that actually squeaks and makes me cringe. The voice actor for her, Kelley Huston, just seemed to go a bit too high with the characters voice and couldn’t hit the points well when she is yelling.

Overall, this show is actually rather fun and I love how they didn’t actually go for the normal storyline that comes from what you think of with a magical girl title. Sure there are some tropes that it could of probably done without, but the overall presentation can actually be rather good.