Nov 1, 2015
BYE_LIL_PUT4S (All reviews)
Story: more like a lack of story but this was to be seen on the premise, i still admit having some fun with this season's first part, however it does make incredible dull moments be a common of the show, still is way better than the following up seasons of it

Art: was good, nothing spectacular but overally good

Sound: was decent and fitting

Characters: some characters were just ''bleh at finest'' and others were actually interesting, i do think the ones that are more developed and interesting are the antagonists than rather the main bunch

Enjoyment: if you're into a lot of ecchi and random fights it will make it for you, if not then look somewhere else

Overall: i did enjoyed this first season unlike the repetitive one following this one in the trendy fashion, yes i also enjoyed the fanservice is this one but largely being objective there was a bit too much of it sometimes to cover up the lack of plot the same happened with random fight throws, but are up to the style you wanna see it for, so for the sake of entertainment i give this one a fair rating and only summed up by this very first season, Final Score: 5/10