Nov 1, 2015
BYE_LIL_PUT4S (All reviews)
Story: if you're into hot chicks and zombies then you're all in for a good time, it has some big mistakes made during it which let down the feeling of the series but if you're a sucker for the genre will do fine

Art: appealing and pleasant

Sound: was good, not exaggerated so it was okay

Characters: some of them have an awful engagement from the start, however others are great characters summed up abroad, the general conscent is that the vast majority of them are interesting

Enjoyment: like mentioned if you're into the genre you will enjoy yourself

Overall: the premise and idea worked fine, the only issues for which why i don't rate this series higher is because of some flaws, for example the series lost some seriouness going overboard with some ideas during the action-packed scenes and the huge ammount of fanservice that even got in the middle of the actual story and i say this even despite that i did enjoyed the fanservice in it just sometimes was going a bit farfetched, and the main reason i don't give a higher rating is because the series was totally abandoned by their makers years ago and left in a total ''unknown whether it will continue or not'' position, Final Score: 7/10