Nov 1, 2015
BYE_LIL_PUT4S (All reviews)
Story: this anime made me realize years ago that there were actually well plotted animes with very good developments outside of the usual hyped up series, the story is interesting and the whole engaging will get you hooked up to your seat

Art: very nicely made, enjoyable portrayals

Sound: amazing sound work, never gets annoying and always works fine

Characters: quite delightful, the main and rest of the crew pulls into the role your expecting them to pull and makes it work quite nicely

Enjoyment: very enjoyable, especially the first part of the story with the confrontations between L and Light will make you hunch for more episodes

Overall: one of the most interesting anime series that even people who don't like anime can easily like, the only reason i don't rate it with a 10 is because the second part of the series was a bit of a ''quality-dropper'' compared to the first one, Final Score: 9/10