Nov 1, 2015
BYE_LIL_PUT4S (All reviews)
Story: for a fighting series with a lot of ecchi it does make a finer job than most of the one's out there in the same category, mainly because it doesnt fall into the cliches especially around the main characters

Art: i found the art quite appealing and interesting

Characters: many are not superb but the main characters are actually enjoyable for the style of manga, and add something different in the mix

Enjoyment: feel it can fall a bit repetitive when it goes on forever and hope it does not fall into the fill cliches that it's competitors usually do to keep it on running, but if you want some entertainment so far it will do just fine for you

Overall: quite a bit above the similar series on market, if you know what to expect it won't disappoint you and might get you some fresh new ideas, Final Score: 7/10