Oct 26, 2015
Waltz- (All reviews)
I don't recommend this anime. Things included in this show are unlikable characters, terrible comedy, and essentially everything you've already seen before. I get it, the chibi form of the main character is cute and marketable, it's being used on banners and logos and whatnot, but it's all just a ruse.

Now let me make this clear. I love slice of life anime. I loved Nichijou, Barakamon and the list goes on. However this particular anime has a few breaking flaws. First off, the main character is a bratty teenager who basically gets whatever she wants and if she doesn't, she throws a tantrum. Do you even understand how much I wanted to stick my hand into the screen and bitch slap the ever-living shit out of this cheeto lookin' ass? You know when you go out, there's always that one kid who just screams and throws a tantrum because they're spoiled to hell and their parents don't do shit so you're stuck with this terrible annoyance that you can't do anything about? This anime is basically that. Twelve whole episodes of that. The characters are just not likable and the comedy doesn't vary. It's the same shit throughout the whole series. The main character puts on an angelic front when she's out in public and everyone loves her, then she comes home and turns into an orange potato and does whatever the hell she wants and whines when she doesn't get her way.

That's the whole anime. Not even kidding. I mean sure, let's bring in another character in different episodes, but it's the same exact thing that happens every time. This isn't even a "this annoying character starts off as someone you hate but gradually becomes someone you love" type deal. She stays an annoying brat throughout the whole series.

I am genuinely boggled that this is rated as high as it is. I can get behind anime with the pure intention of comedy like Gintama, Baka Test etc. but this does it so terribly that it's not even funny, literally.