Oct 24, 2015
ChucriBZ (All reviews)
Ergo Proxy
An anime that makes sense but at the same time it doesn't, even when answers are given in the last three eps. i was thinking of the things that are not answered and there are supernatural elements, a lot and Deus Ex explanations but still manages to be entertaining.

This anime has a very good story, since the beginning the story is thrown for ten episodes straight, fast paced with complexity, until when it takes a break to put filler episodes which were really good and had little pieces of the plot, especially the ''who wants to be a proxy'' episode where i was constantly interacting saying the answers just like Vincent, but how did they get there in the first place? ; The ''Disney World'' episode is another example, it was a filler but a really touching one, Pino became my favorite character of the anime with that episode, (dethroning Vincent from the first place) she is a hero; Every episode has a jump time, and with an annoying Re-i (really, she was bitchy) you never know how they reached some locations, like in ep. 21 where all of a sudden they are back, what, is this a dream?, i thought it was, because the anime in those filler eps. is constantly playing between reality and dreams, is cool because i was fooled on this ep. thinking ''plot twist, is a dream'' but no. There is lack of coherent explanation as to why this gaps between eps. or how some events happened. The ending is good but unsatisfaying for some reason, it has a conclusion but at the same time open for another story, i have a lot of thing to complain storywise but this is not a complaint thread, at the end Pino still is a Hero and she is an AuotoReiv with more emotions than Re-i.

Art & Animation
I was expecting something darker for this kind of setting, a much dense atmosphere, that way would be better for me, but for what we got is very good, sometimes feels lazy with some shots at the faces and lookig at how they suffer from strabismus, it was hilarious, almost always with Re-i, i don't like the constant changing on the faces while moving from one angle to another and i'm saying every 1 cm move is a different face, despite this inconveniences it was very good for that year.

Maybe the best element from the anime, the music is great when is played after the silent parts, it sets a great atmosphere, it fits the theme, the OP is really great, the video clip reminded me of the 90's movies and TV series (like Buffy, Angel and specially to Charmed and the song a lot to Smallville) it was great, better than those series too, more emotion in just four words ''Come and save me'' while Vincent is screamig, just great and the ED is ok i guess, Radiohead, you get it. The VA is great as well, really enjoyable even when Re-i acted like a spoiled Brat, that voice was fitting, so good portraying that personality.

The characters were pretty entertaining with the combination of really great voice acting, personalities and back stories for the characters, Re-i is the exception, she needed more background to get to know her more but she was ok.
-Vincent Law is great, he suffers a transition from a nerdy looking shy guy who likes Re-i to a good-normal looking shy guy looking for his identity who still likes Re-i and cares and protects for Pino, he is a badass too, you'll see.
-Re-I, Lilu or Real is a gal who can be emotionless at times, she acts like a brat later, really spoiled and that's because her AutoReiv does almost everything for her (love the part where he was ''arguing'' with her in the snow, the truth was spoken) but she kind of grows and even feels something for Vincent, she gets better, but not enough.
-Pino is the best character, she's simple the best, the one that makes you laugh in every situation, she is adorable, naive, she even has more emotions than Re-i or every human and is impressive because she's an AutoReiv, she is a hero, she saves people believe it or not, the best character, i was thinking if something bad happened to her (in those eps. that could go bad) i was going to give this a bad score just because of that, wouldn't be the same without her.
The support characters are great too, Raul, Daedalus, Iggy, they all are great, there are a lot more that are interesting too. In general the characters were great.

I really had a very good enjoyment from this anime, i was expecting more tho, after everyone saying Ergo Proxy was better than Texhnolyzed, i was expecting something more darker and heavier, but i didn't felt that, maybe a little dense just at the last three eps. but i see that this has better art style and character development and has a ''happy'' ending while Tex. has a tragic one and has no filler eps. and is more slow paced but for me both are equally entertaining, both are must watch.