Oct 24, 2015
D4rkn3s5 (All reviews)
Okay what the hell were the last few chapters.I really am confused to what happened to mr.Nakoshi ,but overall an amazing story with great art,deep characters and a must read for anyone that is interested in the human psyche.
Let's start with the story.Our MC is an ex-millionaire that lost his job,money and prestige.He is now living in his old car,near a park that's inhabited by homeless people.One day he gets an offer by a goth stranger that offers him money for a trepanation.Trepanation is an act of opening a hole in the skull,and it should help the brain get more blood.With that,theoretically you should get a "sixth" sense.Nakoshi agrees to that and the operation is a succes.After some time he starts to see changes in his everyday life..
Story 10/10
Art was great,but because it looked so damn real I had trouble reading some parts,I almost threw up at some scenes.You'll know what I mean when you start reading ^~^
Art 9/10
One of the most amazing character development and breakdowns I've seen in any manga.The struggles,passions,happiness and sadness were demonstrated perfectly.Dialogue was superb and better than in most criticall acclaimed shows on tv.
Character ,an easy 10/10 .
To be honest it was hard to read for me,because some parts really hit me hard.But nevertheless a great story and a must read.So depending on someones taste I'd rate the enjoyment between 7-10
Enjoyment 8/10
Overall it's a 9/10.If you're looking for a not so long manga,that's completed and similar to the works of Oyasumi punpun ,definetely read this masterpiece.